Adams® Will for Married Person, 1-Use Interactive Digital Legal Form


This interactive legal form helps you generate a basic Will for a married person, allowing the testator (person making the will), to appoint an executor and distribute assets to spouse and loved ones as desired, avoiding state intestacy laws.

Available in increments of 1
  • Interactive legal form helps you generate a basic Will for a married person that allows you to distribute your assets to loved ones as you desire
  • Allows you to name your spouse and others beneficiaries, avoiding state law governing distribution of assets for couples who die without a will
  • Not a joint will for both married parties; your spouse will need an individual will to indicate their wishes
  • Attorney-reviewed form valid in every state except Louisiana; Louisiana residents see Louisiana Will for Married Testator, Adams® DLF369-SL
  • Click the secure link in your account to begin the interactive Q&A that creates your legal form
  • Responses auto save as you work; return any time to complete your secure form at
  • Online Guidance Notes offer additional information on signing, filing, and executing your documents
  • Download to save and print your customized PDF file
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Item # DLF208-SL
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