Adams® [Maryland] Power of Attorney (Statutory Forms), 1-Use Interactive Digital Legal Form

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This interactive legal form drafts a Maryland Financial Power of Attorney, enabling a trusted person (your Agent) to handle financial and legal matters for a designated period if you (the Principal) are unable to do so.

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  • Interactive Maryland Financial Power of Attorney for Property helps you appoint a trusted person to handle financial matters when you are unable
  • Gives your designated agent broad powers, which may include the power to sell or dispose of real or personal property, with or without your consent
  • Interactive Q&A lets you select from a large list of powers to give your Agent and set limitations and begin/end dates for those powers
  • Provides options to appoint Co-Agents, to help your Agent make decisions and to declare your Agent a Guardian should you become incapacitated
  • Attorney-reviewed form valid for use in Maryland; see Online Guidance Notes for additional information on properly filling and filing your forms
  • Click the secure link in your account to begin the interactive Q&A that creates your legal form
  • Responses auto save as you work; return any time to complete your secure form at
  • Download to save and print your customized PDF file
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