Adams® Hiring Letter, At-Will Employment, 1-Use Interactive Digital Legal Form

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Create a hiring letter that clearly explains that employment is offered "at-will", and that no contractual obligation of employment exists between the employer and employee.

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  • Hiring letter clearly defines an “at-will” hiring agreement, with no contractual obligation of employment
  • Informs an employee they may be terminated at any time for no reason or any reason, except an illegal one, without incurring legal liability
  • Informs an employee of their right to leave a job at any time for any reason with no adverse legal consequences
  • Attorney-reviewed form valid for use in every state
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  • Responses auto save as you work; return any time to complete your secure form at
  • Online Guidance Notes offer additional information on signing, filing, and executing your documents
  • Download to save and print your customized PDF file
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