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“I’m not a teacher, so I don’t have classroom supplies at home. Where do I start?”

Whether you have a kindergartner or a tenth grader, index cards are the perfect study buddy. Your kids can tackle basic identification or more complex subjects with ruled or blank cards. Daily writing also helps improve comprehension, information retention and creative expression, so stock up on subject notebooks and composition books. And don't forget a durable plastic organizer with pockets so paperwork doesn't take over your house.

“I’m homeschooling my kids but I want them to have fun, too. What are some creative and simple ways to keep them learning and having fun?”

Kids can write their own stories. Order a primary journal for little ones practicing letters and basic words. They can add illustrations or practice reading aloud. You can also help your kids write letters to family members and mail them in standard #10 business envelopes. Letter writing is an important skill for your child's education and helps them stay connected to relatives and friends.