TOPS Products

TOPS Products believes life is easier with a little innovation. Our powerful line of brand name office products - Pendaflex, Oxford, Cardinal, Ampad, Adams, Boorum & Pease and TOPS - delivers the quality products consumers expect.  From 11" x 17" storage for oversized papers to simple-to-use interactive legal forms, we love providing consumers with inventive office products designed for convenience. We are also incredibly proud of our Arthritis Foundation® Ease-of-Use Certified Premier Easy Open® and Spine Vue® Binders. 

TOPS Products supports small businesses and entrepreneurs with a wide array of pre-printed business and tax forms, interactive legal forms and small business software. Reviewed and approved by lawyers, accountants and industry experts, these products help your DIY efforts.


TOPS Products Company History

In 2009, TOPS, Globe-Weis, Cardinal and Adams were united to create the TOPS Products brand.

TOPS Note Taking and Forms
Back in 1953, The Trade Offset Printing Services Company (TOPS) was founded by the Spak family. Then TOPS specialized in custom and standard business forms. Later, in 2004, the TOPS brand became a part of RR Donnelley. In October 2016, RR Donnelley split into three new companies, of which TOPS Products is part of LSC Communications.  Today, the TOPS product line includes an extensive array of note taking products and business forms.

Globe-Weis Filing
In the late 1800s, when organizing and storage options for business documents were limited to cubbyholes, shelves and wooden boxes, The Globe Files Company introduced its patented “Globe System of Filing Papers,” which held papers in a vertical position – the very method used in filing cabinets today. Back when Globe-Weis was founded, the idea of storing papers vertically between alphabetically and categorically indexed dividers was so radical, they provided special training sessions to teach these new “modern filing” concepts. Back in 2007, the Globe-Weis brand became a part of RR Donnelley. Today, Globe-Weis remains a trusted name for filing and organizing products.

Cardinal Binders
For over 70 years, Cardinal has been a leader in binder manufacturing. In 1976, Cardinal patented its innovative Slant-D® ring, which offered smoother page turning and 25% greater paper capacity. Later, in 2001, Cardinal introduced its signature Easy Open® ring, which provided a significantly easier method for opening and closing binders. Then, in 2007, the Cardinal brand became a part of RR Donnelley. Today, Cardinal produces a wide variety of binders, binder accessories and presentation products.

Adams Forms
The Adams Brothers Company originated in 1889, when the three Adams brothers set up a foot-powered printing press in their mother's kitchen. Since then, the product assortment has evolved from business ledger books to today's extensive selection of standardized business forms, software and interactive legal forms. Later, In 2007, Adams became a part of RR Donnelley.

Pendaflex, Oxford, AMPAD and Boorum & Pease
On March 24, 2014, Pendaflex, Oxford, AMPAD and Boorum & Pease became a part of RR Donnelley's TOPS Products division.

State of California Transparency in Supply Chain Disclosure Act of 2010

In 2010, the State of California of California adopted the Transparency in Supply Chain Act, which requires certain retailers and manufacturers to post a disclosure statement on their web site detailing whether, and to what extent, they investigate or monitor slavery or human trafficking in their direct product supply chains. Pursuant to the laws of California, TOPS Products disclosure can be found here.